Our Chefs

Chef Francesco
Chef FrancescoIl Vecchio Café
The Calandra Family is pleased to announce Chef Francesco Palmieri, the newest addition to Team Calandra, joining our talented staff at il Vecchio Cafe! Prior to joining the award-winning team, Chef Francesco spent eight years working at top New York City restaurants before opening his own restaurant in November 2008, The Orange Squirrel, in his hometown of Bloomfield, New Jersey. We’re excited to have him on board!
Chef Costantino
Chef CostantinoCucina Calandra
Executive Chef Costantino proudly brings his passion and love for food to Cucina Calandra. His extensive knowledge and his authentic, creative approach allow him to create unique specials, as well as upholding our traditional Italian favorites. A native of Salerno, Italy, he earned several Culinary Degrees during his time training in Europe. Chef has become a true scholar of all food, and is a master of his craft. Chef Costantino continues to strive for excellence, and believes that with each dish he prepares, he is representing his belief; that food is an art, made with love and passion.